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Getting ReaDy together

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We are a team of very transversal consulting experts, from the most diverse sectors and specialists in bringing projects to the fore. We have extensive technical background and we are close, responsible, being very attentive to technological trends. With experience in all sectors of the industry, ECO 3G combines the experience of more than a decade of learning with the freshness of new incorporations that provide cutting-edge knowledge, without neglecting closeness and essential responsibility. We are committed to working together on your projects, improving them and sharing new opportunities.

At ECO 3G we get involved with your ideas and your developments, giving them value and forming part of your team. With closeness and teamwork, but with discretion and trust, we are committed to a very personalized and close treatment.


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At ECO 3G we help you with a totally personalized and tailor-made analysis, giving Value to your Ideas and Getting ReaDy Together:


    • Listening to your ideas and knowing in depth the activity and reality of your company. In this way we will be able to know which are the best tools and we will be able to define a specific itinerary in R+D+i.
    • We identify the most appropriate help for your project, your needs and your financial situation. Our expert advisors search for grants and once the most appropriate ones have been chosen, they will take care of the processing; preparing the entire application file and justification, as well as monitoring it and continuously reporting its evolution.
    • Looking for the most appropriate opportunities at the tax level regardless of your region or regime, seeking to provide you with the maximum economic return and advantage for your company.
    • We also help you effectively recover your accumulated tax credit, further increasing the benefits of your activity.
    • By getting involved in your project, we establish a way of working that is coordinated, close and as practical as possible.
    • Accompanying you in all the procedures before the regional or local, national or European Administration. With discretion, efficiency and closeness.
    • Promoting synergies with other companies, consolidating collaboration networks. We also have a wide catalog of Technological Centers, Universities and expert collaborators in the most diverse branches of knowledge and industry. This way you will be able to access the latest trends and expert professionals in your sector and generate business opportunities with other companies.