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R&D Consulting and National and International Grants

These public supports help finance your R&D ideas. They are varied and are normally created with the aim of companies moving in a certain direction, some examples:

  • Increase innovation projects.
  • Bet on the circular economy.
  • Industrial renewal.
  • Reduce electricity demand or environmental pollution.
  • Promote collaboration with other companies.
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There are also international opportunities that we at ECO 3G are aware of and can handle, supported by a network of trusted and expert collaborators. For a decade we have developed a network of contacts through R&D projects with companies from North America, South America, Europe and North Africa. This allows us to manage your requests with agility and we also have experts in European projects.

At ECO 3G we approach your company and look for the most appropriate call for your project, your needs and your financial situation. Our team carries out an analysis of subsidies and will indicate the most appropriate option and will manage the application in an integral way; preparing the entire application file and justification, as well as following up on it.

We advise you to increase the success ratio of your innovation projects by obtaining financing for them. ECO 3G accumulates more than a decade of experience in CDTI programs, European and International Programs and the different local and Regional Administrations such as Sodercan, ADER, IGAPE, GAIN, SPRI, ICE…

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