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With our two offices in Logroño and Vigo, our entire team of professionals, under the strictest confidentiality, you will be able to count on continuous, direct and close assistance in the following situations.

  • Analysis and identification of business ideas that can be classified as Research, Development or Technological Innovation.
  • Diagnosis of your project and definition of requirements. Search for the most suitable alternative. Personalized support program suitable for your goals.
  • Drafting of technical and economic reports necessary for the presentation of R+D projects.
  • Search for technological partners and patents.
  • Assistance during the execution of the project, advice and follow-up of the same.
  • Presentation of projects to calls included in the national R&D plan (CDTI, PROFIT, AVANZA) and regional programs.
  • Tax advice on R+D.
  • Certification of R+D projects with UNE 166001 standard.
  • Certification of R&D management systems with the UNE166002 standard.,

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4.0 Industry

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Tax incentives for R&D

• Tax deduction for R&D

• Research staff bonus

• Innovatine SME Seal