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writing B - Monetization of Deductions

Monetization of Deductions

If your company is in losses or has an accumulated tax credit and you do not plan to use it, there are mechanisms that allow you to have liquidity from the tax deductions of R&D.

At ECO 3G we will help you liquidate and monetize your tax deduction for R&D with total rigor and legal certainty in the face of possible inspections. Faced with the concern caused by these tools, ECO 3G provides support and security at all stages, after years of experience in its application.

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office V B - Monetization of Deductions

To monetize the deduction in Spain there are a series of rules that our team will review with your company in a careful and coordinated manner:

  • Maximum monetization of €5 million per year.
  • We help meet the required reinvestment and employment conditions.
  • It is necessary to have a Motivated Binding Report, and if it is not available, we help to obtain it.

If you are interested in recovering your accumulated tax credit and you have doubts or concerns, at ECO 3G we will help you carry out the process with full rigor and legal guarantee, with the backing of the success and knowledge of our technical team.