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Tax Deductions

The tax deduction for R&D is established as a percentage of the expenses incurred by a company in R&D activities. These expenses, deductible in the company’s profit and loss account, will give the right to an additional tax deduction in the especially advantageous quota.

  • Up to 59% return for Innovation+Development (R+D) projects.
  • Up to 12% return for Technological Innovation projects (i).
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Tax Deductions for R&D allow you to reduce what you pay in the Company Tax quota up to 100%. Using this right will provide you with more resources to increase your competitiveness and improve processes or products.

It is a right accessible to all companies, including SMEs. Large facilities or laboratories are not necessary. The company, whatever its sector, can always benefit from this right as long as it develops projects that lead to significant improvements in its processes.

If you think that your company does not do R+D, it is probably not entirely true. And that is why the ECO 3G technicians will help to effectively diagnose the company’s activity in R&D&i and the opportunities in this line, bringing out projects and generating opportunities.

At ECO 3G we help you throughout the process.

  • Requesting tax deduction for R+D if the company has projects for:
    • Significantly improve production processes through the use of technology.
    • Develop new products or improve the ones you already have.
    • Incorporate own or third-party technology that helps your company to be more efficient.
    • And if there are any questions, contact us and we will help you take advantage of this right.
  • If your company is located in a region with a specific tax regime, we also offer you our experience and closeness.
  • We review all your R+D projects to ensure the maximum deduction and return on your investment. If you have never requested tax deductions for R&D before we recover what corresponds to this fiscal year and the previous 4 years with the maximum legal and legal rigor at the hands of an expert and up-to-date team.
  • We take the necessary steps so that you benefit from tax deductions for R&D and if there is any inspection, we include advice to overcome it with full guarantees.

If you think you are carrying out any R&D activity, even if it is outside of a public call, you will most likely benefit from this incentive. If you have questions, ask us. We are close and practical, and we are part of your team throughout the entire process.