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Bonuses to Social Security for Research Staff

If your company:

  • Not apply R&D&i deductions or you want to increase the return on your activities in this field.
  • It is a provider of high added value services.
  • It is not applying R&D&i deductions.
  • If you are an innovative SME but do not know these mechanisms.
  • It is an IT or engineering company.
  • You still do not know the advantages of R+D+i.
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science in hd b - Bonuses to Social Security for Research Staff

Through this right you can access direct savings for your company from the next payroll.

The objective of the Spanish Social Security bonuses through Royal Decree 475/2014 of June 13 for research personnel is to encourage the hiring and maintenance of researchers by companies and is a right of all SMEs.

This incentive can be applied quickly with the help of our technical team,  allowing a 40% discount on the fees paid to Social Security for each professional dedicated to R&D&i in the company.

In addition, if your company is already an innovative SME, the Social Security bonuses are compatible with tax deductions for R&D&i for those same workers.

At ECO 3G we help you throughout the process:

  • We analyze your workforce, the company’s R&D activity and we help you to apply this mechanism in a simple and effective way. Even knowing the project at the factory if necessary.
  • We diagnose, surface and/or analyze your projects and the activity carried out by your employees, identifying those that meet the legal requirements and we take care of the entire process of monitoring, justification and documentation so that you benefit from the bonuses in a completely safe way.
  • We accompany and advise you at every step of the process, being in contact with your technical, administrative and legal team, working in a coordinated manner.
  • We generate the supporting documentation according to your activity to facilitate monitoring.
  • We connect if you wish with your tax or labor advice, answering all your doubts both in practical application and in legal aspects.
  • If you face an inspection, we accompany you and advise you to overcome it successfully.

If you have research staff on your staff, it is most likely that you can benefit from this incentive. If you have doubts, ask us. We are close and practical, and we seek to give you maximum confidence and security throughout the process.