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With more than 12 years of experience in R&D&I consultancy, we fully cover all the actions linked to the projects, detecting the most appropriate and optimal options.

The Value
of Ideas

Our way of working is based on a work philosophy that makes us recognizable and differentiates us from our competitors.


With our two offices in Logroño and Vigo and our entire team of professionals, under the strictest confidentiality, you will be able to count on continuous and direct and close assistance.


Summary of calls for R+D+i projects, industry 4.0, certifications, etc. in Europe or nationally. Always working with success in mind.

Our work philosophy makes us recognizable and differentiates us from our competitors

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ECO 3G knows the importance of daily effort to achieve success. We also know that it is essential to work as a team, in any setting or point in the world, in order to go further every day. And because of this, the economic and emotional support of other people who are actively committed to the projects is often necessary.